Find Direct Contact Info for People with Websites

The World Wide Web is a beautiful thing. We as sourcers and recruiters don’t even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to mining data/information on the great WWW. But we have some hope for getting a lot of that data, right? You know the saying….The one with the most information wins.  If you source on LinkedIn or any of the many social media platforms (i.e. Github, StackOverflow, FB, Twitter, Behance, etc.) we utilize, often times it’s hard to come by good contact information. Continue reading

Instagram to Source? Sure! BUT……

OESS- Obsessive Exotic Sourcing Syndrome…….(If you don’t know what this is, I suggest you read this article by Glen Cathey…. “Do You Suffer from Obsessive Exotic Sourcing Syndrome?”)  Yeah, I had it!  So what?! I was given a dose of 250+ dials a week to cure this syndrome! I spoke about this in my last post and have fallen back in love with the phone, BUT….but, I still use Social Media to supplement my searches throughout the day. In this post, we specifically take a look at Instagram and how I used it to source, recruit and hire a Software Developer. Continue reading

Back to Basics

Couldn’t I argue that most of us hate being uncomfortable?! Couldn’t I also argue that some of us don’t like change? But couldn’t I also argue that change and being uncomfortable are the two things that hold us back from realizing our full potential as human beings? Continue reading